Membership of E.A.M.D.A

The Muscular Dystrophy Group has been a member of the European Alliance of Neuromuscular Disorders Associations (EAMDA) for over 20 years and has attended most of the AGMs.  It has also participated in seminars, youth camps (organised by the now defunct EAMDA Youth Organisation - EYO) in various countries.

EAMDA AGM 2004 02The Muscular Dystrophy Group hosted the EAMDA AGM IN September of 1991, and the EYO Summer Camp in 1993.  During the EAMDA AGM of 2001 in Cyprus, it was decided that the Secretariat will be transferred from London to Malta so that EAMDA could benefit from the lower costs and also the organisational set-up of the Maltese Muscular Dystrophy Group.  Rita Borg was appointed Secretary as of January 2002, assisted by Kevin Vella, who also looks after the book keeping.  Denis Azzopardi was co-opted to serve as Vice-President of EAMDA during 2001/2002.  At the AGM held in Slovenia in September 2002, Denis was nominated for the post of Secretary General and thus replaced Patricia Ann Melsom. During AGM 2010 it was decided that the secretariate of EAMDA will be in slovenia.

The EAMDA Committee Members for 2010/2011 are:

President Boris Šuštarši? (Slovenia)
Secretary General Tomislav Goll (Croatia)
Vice President Jan Jakobsen (Denmark)
Vice President Ivan Jovanovic (Serbia)
Board Member Rita Vella (Malta)
Board Member Stelios Stylianou (Cyprus)
Board Member Maria Duracinska (Slovakia)